"A Higher More Dynamic Dave Matthews!"

– Raleigh Wheeler


"A Soft Spoken rocker playing acousticaly and playing it well. He combines a variety of styles and genres singing lyrics with a deeper sense."

- Boston Radio

"Hope to have you back in the near future!."

–  The Prophet Bar


"..Whatever song it i my head stay bobbin, Excited to have him on the show today."

– UnRegular Radio

"The Indie Dave Matthews!"

- Whiskey Boy Radio

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My Story

Blake Byrd is a songwriter and musician originating out of the heart of Dallas Texas. Playing with multiple bands throughout his high school career, and leading worship for different churches and youth groups, the Blake Byrd Band is his new Project beginning in late 2012. Defining his sound as an Indie/Alternative/Pop group they get the question a lot as to what kind of sound that might be. The short answer tends to be an Electric singer/songwriter, and described by multiple radio stations as the Indie Dave Matthews Band. Blake would rather give you the longer description claiming that their sound has the passion in their lyrics of a singer/songwriter, the groovy bass lines of a funky bunch, and catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head. After releasing their First single “Coffee Stains” in 2013 and giving it away for free, they had multiple radio and festival successes, and have just finished up their Debut EP entitled “Where Ever You Are Now” which was self released this year on November 28th. The record began gaining momentum quickly as they caught the attention of Indie On Air Records! With their Aspirations this year to return to SXSW again, and many other festivals on their 2014 summer & Spring Tour, this time with actual material to show. We hope that you stay updated, join our mailing list and take a listen to our Debut EP with deep lyrics, funky bass, tons of energy and melodies that stay with you for days and take you from ‘wherever you are now’ and get played over and over.